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Early Learning Centre
78 Logan Reserve Road
Waterford West, QLD 4133
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At Tiggers we aim to provide
a happy, caring and stimulating
environment to meet the needs
and development of young children
from 15 months to 13 years.
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Centre Pedagogy
Legislation: The Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
Date: October 2013, Last Reviewed: October 2013


To document the centres beliefs and best practice to educate and care for all children and families within our community.


The centre Pedagogy supports the centre practices and beliefs to ensure all children, Educators, families and community are supported.


In relation to children:
  1. We believe in inspiring children's learning through play and real life experiences that are child initiated and by extending, supporting and exploring there evolving ideas and interests, there learning becomes an ongoing process.

  2. We value and respect all children.

  3. We believe as educators we value and build on children's strengths, abilities, skills and knowledge to ensure their motivation and engagement in learning.

  4. We encourage children to have a strong sense of identity.

  5. We encourage children to have a strong sense of wellbeing.

  6. We believe in promoting a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres strait islander ways of knowing and being.

  7. We support children to be connected with and contribute to their world.

  8. We believe in providing child initiated learning experiences for the children to learn real life experiences.

  9. We will encourage children to be confident and support them to be involved learners.

  10. We believe children are born belonging to a culture and we respect heritage, knowledge and value families beliefs.

  11. We believe in building children's confidence.

  12. We believe in scaffolding children's learning to provide a wide range of learning experiences.

  13. We believe by providing children with nurturing relationships and consistent emotional support, we can assist children to develop the skills and understandings they need to interact positively with their peers.

  14. We believe in the importance of encouraging and supporting children in order for them to explore their environment effectively.

  15. We believe we can strengthen children's behaviour by using positive reinforcement.

In relation to families:
  1. We believe that families will feel secure and belong in the environment that their children are learning in.

  2. We believe in forming trusting relationships with families to ensure positive learning experiences with actively the best learning outcomes.

  3. We believe in developing an important connection between home and centre in order to provide a learning environment that children and families feel a sense of belonging.

  4. We believe in the importance of parents contributing throughout the learning process in the centre which is a way for families to feel valued, respected, supported and play an active role in their children's learning.

  5. We value the need to communicate with parents through verbal and written communications.

  6. We believe in supporting families and the community at large.

  7. We believe that parents need to be decision makers and contributors to the program and the centre and we always value parent input.

In relation to educators:
  1. We believe in the importance of educators working together as a team in order to create positive learning environments for all children.

  2. We believe in being responsive to children's interests, needs, ideas and strengths to build on children's knowledge to enhance their learning.

  3. We believe in transitions to provide children with a safe and secure environment in which they belong and understand.

  4. We believe in supporting our follow educators by reflecting on experiences and outcomes.

  5. We value and respect all families within our community.

  6. We believe in the importance of relationships with children's families as educators we influence their social relationships throughout life.

In relation to the centre:
  1. We recognise and value the importance of birth to 5 years, to support children and to be successful learners for life.

  2. We believe in providing positive learning environments that support and encourage all children.

  3. We believe in providing a safe, healthy and hygienic environment.

  4. We believe in meeting the nutritional needs and requirements of each child by continual research and updated information.

  5. We recognise that each age group is different and we aim to cater appropriately in our learning environments for these differences.


A truly amazing group of ladies who have very much become apart of our family.

I can't begin to express how thankful we are for everything you have done over the years.

From the Dempsey Family

Our family has been a part of The Tiggers Place Early Learning Centre for around 5 years now.

Both of my children still attend the centre and I have seen them develop into confident young boys, due to the staff's efforts and various programme's they have on offer.

Involvement from parents/extended family members etc is always encouraged and welcomed.

The staff are absolutely AMAZING!!!

The Richardson Family

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