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Our Fun Educational Friendly Rooms
Toddler Room

Our Toddler room caters for children aged 15 months to 2.5 years. This is a dual ratio room that has a maximum number of 9 children per day with two educators. Our educators for this room are specifically

selected for their gentle nurturing nature. Developing a sense of belonging and settling you child in to our centre is of the upmost importance to us.

Lead educators and assistants in this room are consistent to ensure your child develops a strong relationship and has a welcoming face upon arrival to our centre each morning.

Our learning environments are welcoming spaces that reflect and enrich the lives and identities of each child at Tigger's, responding to their individual interests and needs. They cater for different learning capacities and learning styles and invite children and families to contribute ideas, interests and questions. Outdoor learning spaces are a feature of Australian learning environments. They offer a vast array of possibilities not available indoors. Play spaces in natural environments include plants, trees, edible gardens, sand, rocks,mud, water and other elements from nature. These spaces invite open-ended interactions, spontaniety, risk-taking, exploration, discovery and connection with nature. They foster an appreciation of the natural environment, develop environmental awareness and provide a platform for ongoing environmental education.

All meals are provided following the guidelines and recommendations from Get up and Grow and Feed Australia to ensure they are nutritionally balanced. This room has reverse cycle air conditioning for comfort during the winter and summer months. All used toys and equipment are sanitised daily to ensure we are doing the very best we can to prevent the spread of infections and illness at our centre.

Junior Kindy Room

Our junior kindy room is full of busy little adventurers. Catering for children aged 2.5 years to 5 years with a maximum number of 21 children and 4 educators per day. Our lead educators and Assistants in this room are consistent and chosen for their ability to provide a fun and exciting program that instils a love of learning formany years to come.

They actively promote children's learning through worthwhile and challenging experiences and interactions that foster high-level thinking skills. They use strategies such as modelling and demonstrating, open questioning, speculating, explaining, engaging in shared thinking and problem solving to extend children's thinking and learning.

Our junior kindy children enjoy community outings, trips to Carnation Park and many in cnetre special events that promote wellbeing and holistic learning for each and every child in or care. Families are encouraged to provide us with information about your child's life / routine to

ensure we are meeting their needs for rest and relaxation as we aim to support all families in their parenting role at home. Children who do not require rest are offered alternative options such as outdoor play or quiet restful activities.

Kindergarten Room

The kindergarten room caters for children aged 3.5 years to 5 years. The staff ratio in this room is 1 to 11. There is a registered teacher and an assistant in the room.

The room has five sections: a change room/bathroom, sleep room, kitchen and most of all play area inside and outside. All meals are supplied in the centre: morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, they are offered a wide variety of nutritious foods throughout the day. A copy of our monthly menu is available for viewing on our programming wall. Water is available at all times throughout the day.

During the day, the children have opportunities to participate in both planned and spontaneous activities. They range from blocks, puzzles, art and craft, storytelling, singing, group time activities, table activities and much more. We have a program displayed in the room of our daily activities. These activities are based on observations taken of the children to help develop their interest and cater for their needs. Miss Greer does two half hour group time sessions a day.

We complete outside yard equipment daily. A hat must be worn whilst children are involved with outside play. The centre supplies sunscreen which is applied 30 minutes before and child goes outside. Singlets are not to be worn in the yard.

The classroom has reverse cycle air conditioning to help make the children more comfortable. Whilst children are resting /sleeping, carers undertake 15 minutes checks on all children. Rest time is a compulsory part of the day as outlined in the national childcare regulations. It states that we must offer children no more than 2 hours rest time daily. We do not expect that all of our children sleep during this time but we do require all children to be on their beds for health and safety reasons while the floors are mopped and the toys are sanitised. Quiet activities on beds are fine.

We have information charts for parents to view daily throughout the room. We provide a safe and warm environment for children to develop at their own pace and routine are flexible to cater for each child.

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